‘I honestly don't think I could've made Songbirds without Lauren.  Her openness and willingness to try things differently meant that we created a very unique sound.  A very  unusual mix of quiet confidence with a youthful/fresh perspective makes her a particularly strong producer to work with’. Kate Dimbleby (four plays on BBC Radio 2 and four on BBC 6 Music)

‘I was lucky enough to make my new CD with Lauren - she both recorded and produced it.  Recording with her was brilliant, she managed to encourage the best performance from me whilst keeping the process enormous fun!  Lauren's talent is listening to a song and knowing how to bring out the best arrangement, whilst keeping the original essence intact.’ Bella Gaffney

‘..label boss Helen Meissner says she wants to champion female songwriters with this release and bang the drum a bit especially as we have a female producer Lauren Deakin Davies who has produced all bar one of the tracks on this fine compilation of grass roots female artists. And many thanks to Helen for pointing out to me in good time that today’s show falls in International Women’s Day, which is why the whole show celebrates women; women’s achievement, women’s pride and womens’ struggle.” Tom Robinson on air, BBC6 Music. March 2015. After playing a track from The F Spot Femmes Fatales on two consecutive shows 7/8th March.

‘Lauren was wonderful to work with on my latest EP 'Fly'. (released late 2016). She is very calm and focused while producing which helped my creative process. She has a great ear and worked quickly too. The EP was recorded and producer with Lauren as a result of funding by Arts Council of Wales, and it was her track record which helped secure the funding.

Here’s some highlights which were down to Lauren’s efforts and the reaction to the EP

*BBC Radio Wales presenter Adam Walton described a track recorded and produced by Lauren as timeless, 'it could stand up in any era'.

*I got to perform the some of the tracks on Live National Television in Wales.

*The EP went on to secure festival opportunities such as a performance on the BBC Introducing Stage at BBC Country File Live in Blenheim Palace.

*The EP made playlists on National Radio such as BBC Radio Cymru, Radio Wales and Amazing Radio.’ Danielle Lewis


“The clear and crisp production ensures that the delivery is about as pure as you’d want it to be without it being sterile, i.e. you can hear the personality of the artist bursting forth in the song and you can’t ask any more of an artist than that”

— Neil King (FATEA)

 “Lauren Deakin-Davies who produced Kelly’s debut album, ‘This Land’, captured the folky nuances displayed in both Kelly’s vocals and songwriting perfectly.” Malcolm Carter (Black Penny Music)

“An important thing to note about Lauren is that she is a musician herself, and a very competent one at that. You can therefore put your complete trust in her and rest assured that, when recording. She is friendly, encouraging, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Recording is an intimate, and often a long process, and Lauren has that quality of making you feel completely at ease, which in turn brings out the best in your recording sessions. She is passionate about her work - the finished product is not just an example of your talent, but of hers as well, so she puts the same level of feeling and thought into her part of the process as the artist does with their part. I think that is a necessity when you’re recording with a producer, it’s essential for you to highlight an issue and then say ‘Can you hear it as well?’ and your producer say ‘Yes I can hear it.’ This is exactly the response Lauren gave throughout the entire recording process, and not only does she pick up on faults that might otherwise go unnoticed, she was able to effectively fix every problem or issue that I highlighted to her. Above all, she is patient. She doesn’t rush or pressure you, and as an artist who wants the finished product to be the best I can deliver, it is only through recording with someone with Lauren’s patience that this could ever be possible.” Kelly Oliver who has worked with Lauren on This Land and Bedlam

I have been delighted to be asked to talk to school children, lecture students and run workshops for producers on topics ranging from being a woman in music, making a living out of music and being an LGBTQ+ producer.

‘Lauren's relaxed and friendly personality brought out the best in all of the guests at the recent London Red Bull #Normal Not Novelty workshop she hosted. She tailored the content to make sure that everyone would learn something useful, and she asked all the right questions of the guests to get them engaged and involved. Lauren is extremely talented in many areas, and she used her many skills to give guests invaluable information - thanks for speaking at Normal Not Novelty Lauren!’ Katie Tavini - Mastering Engineer. Host at Red Bull Studios.


Impington College – talk by Lauren Deakin Davies on production and tech in music. (June 2017) Stef: I loved hearing Lauren's songs and finding out about how music is produced. It was cool to hear how she started by leaving school and how she did well! James: Very good talker, good music! Genaro: We got to hear songs and techniques from a professional singer songwriter and got useful feedback on our songs. Eric: We saw some interesting pedals to have fun with. Rachel: I was inspired by her and related to the music. I learned how useful music tech is.

Les Ray – course leader: Lauren was an excellent guest speaker for the students because she provides a fine role model for young girls (these were aged 14) as regards such things as making your way in a male-dominated business, showing girls they can be interested in techy stuff, that it is not exclusively for boys. She also has a real knack with explaining the creative process, which as great for all the students. All the students found Lauren friendly and engaging, but also incredibly knowledgeable. I found that she was very professional and committed. I would not hesitate to ask her to come and speak to students again in a future course.

‘..she’s only 21, youngest member of Music Producers Guild … a very gifted young producer and performer, she’s a very bright girl who’s produced a good number of folk acts…’ Chris Hawkins on air, BBC 6 music