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  • ·       BBC Radio 2 -                              - Kelly Oliver        -               - Diamond Girl

  • ·       BBC Radio 2 -                              - Maz O'Connor    -              - Mississipi Woman

  • ·       BBC Radio 2 -                              - Emma McGrath -               - Sit With Me

  • ·       BBC Radio 2 -                              - Kate Dimbleby   -               - Musical Boxes x2

  • ·       BBC Radio 2 -                              - Kate Dimbleby  -                - Life Is x2

  • ·       BBC 6 Music -                              - Kate Dimbleby  -                - Musical Boxes x2

  • .       BBC 6 Music -                              - DIDI                    -                - Back Off

  • .       BBC 6 Music -                              - DIDI                    -               - Awkward x2

  • .       BBC 6 Music -                              - DIDI                    -               - Bombs

  • · BBC 6 Music - - Kaity Rae - - Red Paper Wrapping

  • . Radio X - - Delora - - Sober

  • .       BBC 3CR Introducing -               - DIDI                     -                - Sorry (TOTW)

  • ·       BBC 3CR Introducing -               - Lewis Bootle      -                - Do What I Need To Do (TOTW)

  • ·       BBC 3CR Introducing -               - Emma McGrath -                - Sit With Me (TOTW)

  • ·       BBC 3CR Introducing -               - Minnie Birch      -                - Until The Birds (TOTW)

  • ·       BBC 3CR Introducing -               - Delora                -               - LLLOVE (TOTW)

  • ·       BBC 3CR Introducing -               - Delora                -               - Come Alive (TOTW)

  • ·       BBC 3CR Introducing -               - Delora                -               - Sober (TOTW)

- Quotes -

The clear and crisp production ensures that the delivery is about as pure as you’d want it to be without it being sterile, i.e. you can hear the personality of the artist bursting forth in the song and you can’t ask any more of an artist than that
— Neil King (FATEA)
All the elements are tied together and balanced beautifully by the other youthful individual involved in this recording, producer-engineer Lauren Deakin Davies
— Noel Cowley (Noel Cowley Review’s)
Lauren Deakin-Davies who produced Kelly’s debut album, ‘This Land’, captured the folky nuances displayed in both Kelly’s vocals and songwriting perfectly.’
Deakin-Davies still plays a part in ‘Bedlam’ by being one of those producers. The four songs she lends her considerable talents to retain the stripped-back arrangement that informed ‘This Land’
— Malcolm Carter (Black Penny Music)
An important thing to note about Lauren is that she is a musician herself, and a very competent one at that. You can therefore put your complete trust in her and rest assured that, when recording. She is friendly, encouraging, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Recording is an intimate, and often a long process, and Lauren has that quality of making you feel completely at ease, which in turn brings out the best in your recording sessions. She is passionate about her work - the finished product is not just an example of your talent, but of hers as well, so she puts the same level of feeling and thought into her part of the process as the artist does with their part. I think that is a necessity when you’re recording with a producer, it’s essential for you to highlight an issue and then say ‘Can you hear it as well?’ and your producer say ‘Yes I can hear it.’ This is exactly the response Lauren gave throughout the entire recording process, and not only does she pick up on faults that might otherwise go unnoticed, she was able to effectively fix every problem or issue that I highlighted to her. Above all, she is patient. She doesn’t rush or pressure you, and as an artist who wants the finished product to be the best I can deliver, it is only through recording with someone with Lauren’s patience that this could ever be possible.
— Kelly Oliver (artist)